Kelley Pajic

Kelley Pajic has been a professional makeup artist for 25 years. The beauty industry has brought her much adventure and joy, and allowed her to work on many wonderful faces including Nia Vardalos, Diana Ditka, Juanita Jackson, Laura Caldwell, Jane Byrne, Fox's Helen Lucaitis and many of the elite socialites of Chicago.

Freelancing with photo, stage, and TV work both nationally and internationally, Kelley's work has been recognized in many world trade and fashion publications. She has also been honored to work alongside many celebrity artists such as Bobby Brown, Bob Mackie, Irving and Rita Rusk, and Adrian Arpel. Kelley has also been in demand for high profile companies such as Graham Webb, Bio Elements, Sebastian International, and Prescriptives, just to name a few.

As Kelley's skills and high demand have increased dramatically over the years, she thought it best to create her own business dedicated to her goals of wellness and beauty combined. Hence, she has created All About Moi Incorporated. All About Moi is a full service spa, which boasts a wide variety of services featuring facials, massages, body treatments, nails, and of course makeup instruction and application.

Through continual education over the years, Kelley has not only made herself one of the most highly skilled makeup artists in the industry, but also a leading artist in eye lashes from individual 24 hour to strips to semi-permanent lasting three to six weeks.

Creating a look that will last a lifetime for you and your loved ones in your wedding photos remains one of Kelley's passions. Years of experience have taught her the importance of making sure you're comfortable with yourself. Kelley is known for her calm demeanor and years of experience, which have helped her master perfection on your wedding day. As a well-organized professional she is always early, and her makeup will enhance you all day long.

Whether for a spa experience, or a signature look that will be captured for a lifetime, Kelley will help you create a perfect day.